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Essential Travel Advice When Visiting a Foreign Country

´╗┐There can be various reasons why people travel to other countries. Some do it because of their work, some to study, while for most people it's to explore other places, experience different cultures and meet new people. Whatever your reasons for traveling are, you should know the dos and don'ts when staying in a different country so you don't extending your stay there for the wrong reasons. Here are important pieces of travel advice you may find handy next time you pack your bag and go on a trip to a foreign country: Travel smart - Aside from travelingght, you should also travel smart. By this we mean making sure you have everything you need to bring with you without necessarily over-stuffing your luggage. It also means getting travel insurance. This is because you never know when disaster can strike, so it is always safe to get travel insurance. If you're uninsured, you or your family will be personallyable for whatever medical or other costs that may result from any untoward incident or accident. Know where to go and what to do when things go wrong - This means knowing whom to contact in case of emergencies or if you get into trouble for various reasons. To avoid being caught in a mess you don't want to be part of, be sure to respect and abide by the laws of the country where you'll stay, which leads us to the next travel advice. Be informed - As mentioned earlier, you should know what the local laws are of the foreign country you're visiting. Even if you can't find a way what these local laws are, there are certain universal no-nos wherever on earth you goke don't carry, sell, or use drugs, don't steal, and don't carry prohibited items, among others. Stay safe - This means avoiding places that are known for its criminal elements and illegal activities. Never walk alone in deserted areas, especially at night. Be wary of strangers that offer items and services that seem suspicious. Don't bring a lot of cash with you every time you're out. Never accept invitations from people you don't know. Be fit - Traveling can entail a lot of physical activity. Before going on a trip, make sure you feel well and fit enough to handle all the physical demands of traveling - from carrying your bags to walking around a big airport to chasing a taxicab. Don't forget your tickets and travel documents - Don't ever leave your house without packing your visa, passport, and identification card/s. You should also produce copies of these documents and leave them with a family member and/or a friend. You can also give them a copy of their itinerary so they'd know where you are or supposed to be at certain times or dates. Stay in touch with your family or friends - Even though your reason for traveling is to get away from it all and have time alone, there's no harm in contacting a family member or friend via a phone call, an SMS, email or even via your online social network account to let them know you're fine. Remember all these tips to help assure your safe travel wherever you plan to go. Of course, make sure you travel with the right size and piece/s of luggage to make sure you have everything you need with you (visit for different types of carry-on luggage bags). Andrew Connor is a travel and leisure blogger and studies photography andterature during his free time. He currently writes for He recommends this site if you're looking for or want to know more about luggage locks.

Grand Canyon Airplane Tours That Are Amazing

´╗┐One of the most popular national parks in the United States is the Grand Canyon and it is an ideal destination for a family vacation. It would be a blast to go on an airplane tour of the Grand Canyon instead of just seeing it by car. These air tours are so exciting, your family will talk about it for years to come. Every year, more than five million people from throughout the world travel to see the spectacular beauty of the Grand Canyon. Seeing the Grand Canyon holds a spot on many people's bucketst. By seeing the sights from an airplane, you will be able to see more of the canyon and its beautiful rock formations. These plane rides take off from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport and from Las Vegas. Either one of the departure points is a good choice as both of them will provide you with an amazing bird's eye view of the canyon below. You can expect your flight to last attle over an hour. You will fly in a planeke the Vistaliner, which is a seventeen seater built specifically for sightseeing. These planes are equipped with spacious cabins, excellent climate control systems, expansive viewing windows and comfortable seats. You will be kept entertained and informed by a pre-recorded narrative that explains the sights you are passing over below. Grand Canyon plane tours have been operating since the 1920s, allowing tourists and researchers alike to see magnificent vistas and other marvelous sights. The flight over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Mojave Desert is an extraordinary experience. Even flying over the buildings and local landscape of Boulder City (Las Vegas departures only) is exhilarating. There are lots of choices when it comes to a Grand Canyon airplane tour, but there are just two basic types, an air-only tour and a landing tour. Aerial tours are perfect for travelers who havemited time, and they're available at both canyon rims. Landing tours are a more comprehensive experience. You can add a boat ride, Skywalk pass or helicopter ride to a West Rim flight. You could also enjoy a leisurely raft float down the smooth waters of the Colorado River when you land at the West Rim. There are so many things to do, you can choose what youke; you are sure to find something that fits your budget. I strongly suggest that you book your Grand Canyon plane tour at least 72 hours in advance, because it's better to be safe than sorry. Avoid booking your tour at the destination or through a ticket kiosk or hotel concierge, because you'll pay full price and you won't know anything about the company offering the flight. The Grand Canyon is a National Park of epic proportions, and the only way you can fully experience it is by taking one of the canyon plane rides being offered. This geological wonderment is so massive, it can be seen from space, so you can see why to appreciate it fully, you need to view it from high above in a plane. By taking one of these exciting flights, you'll be able to see a part of the National Park that would take days if you stayed on the ground. The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing places on earth to explore and is the ideal place to take a fun-filled aerial tour. Prepared to take a Grand Canyon plane tour? Go here and get discounts on the best canyon tours:

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